‘We’re only here for a little while, and you’ve got to have some fun, right?’ Burt Reynolds said it!

After this little blip in my tiny role on Earth.. I’ll never be afraid of any fucking thing ever ever again.. Apart from if I have to fly economy class of course. 

I don’t think I’m even timorous about dying anymore.  Not that I plan on expiring any time soon.  

And as a wannabe royal Sikh and ardent lover of dhal..  Mainly because some of my most special besties are Beautiful Sikh Dhal Goddesses..  I have a philosophical curiosity about the subject of reincarnation. 

I’ve been studying Reggie (aka Mr Fluffy) intently this week whilst he’s been dogging on my bed lap. 

You see, I’m convinced he’s the reincarnation of Burt Reynolds .. And the numbers add up.

Burt passed September 2018 and Reggie arrived November 2018.   Just enough time for everyone to re-group and recharge their batteries. 

Reggie definitely has Burt’s seductive racy brown eyes and spunky sense of fun. And of course he’s a totally devoted PUSSY LOVER

And on another note Friday is big bitch results day for Bambi and either she’ll be gaining a PhD or getting flushed down the loo with all the other undesireable body parts.  

Burt and Reggie

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