P.S. Something else I have to say about today.

I went for my pre op prep today at the swanky shiny hospital.  It was especially tricky on a couple of levels. 

Firstly because the surrealism of it all is now definitely becoming my reality and secondly because M’s beautiful sister passed away here 21 years ago. 

She was on her way to work one morning at this very hospital when her car aquaplaned in the rain and she was hit by an on coming vehicle.  

She died twice because she flat lined in the ambulance, however she was a fighter and they revived her..  although sadly she lost her battle a little while later once in the hospital.  

We thought about her a great deal today and I know it was painful for M to go back to the place where he had lost his beloved little sister.  

The hospital planted a tree in her memory in the grounds and M will go and find it next week while he’s waiting for me to get out of surgery.

It was my choice to go to this hospital and I knew it would be difficult for M to be there again.  But he went back there just for me.



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