This is pants…

I wish I was packing a bag for a trip to Bermuda instead of a trip to the ICU.

My biggest dilemma at the moment (apart from choosing the right brain surgeon to remove my brain tumour) is pants. I need new pants. But what types of pants are acceptable when you’re staying in the hospital?

I need to preseve some modesty and don’t want to be the ‘commando queen’ wandering the corridors with my butt cheeks hanging out of an open backed gown. I never did understand the practicality of those things – unless they’re planning on putting something in your bottom. It’s time for a redesign of these monstrosities – does anyone know Stella McCartney?

Anyway back to pants – it would be imprudent to pop to Agent Provocateur and buy an Ozella thong or Victoria Secret’s to pick up a 3 pack of sexy surprise surprise brazilians but I also don’t want to be forced to go to M&S and purchase massive granny knickers either.

Maybe slogan pants .. if I was a guy I could wear a pair of tighty-whities that say “all this .. and brains too” Ahaha…

Time for some online shopping. Perhaps Rigby & Pellar.. if it’s good enough for her Majesty it’s good enough for me.

Miss Fancy Pants


4 thoughts on “This is pants…

  1. Hi Sarah I’m so sorry to hear about the tumour. I just read all your blog posts; Amazing – your writing, your humour and approach. You have my respect!! Thinking of you going into surgery tomorrow and of course praying for very best outcome. xxx

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