A is for Asshole

Off we sped on the gurney down to the MRI dept. Once we got there I was briefly enlightened on the functions of a functional MRI. Essentially this test would determine whether I get to sleep during the op or be awake during the op. I’m sure you can guess my preference!

I was injected with a pretty blue dye and then placed into the machine, resembling an enormous lump of dough about to be baked. There was a TV screen on the ceiling of my oven and when images appeared I had to call out their names – house, cat, tree, etc. nothing too taxing. Then I had to call out a word beginning with each letter that appeared. This got me thinking about Bambi and the mess she’d got me into – so – understandbly I became a little rattled.

A – I called out “Asshole Bandit”

B – I called out “Bastard Bollocks”

M – I called out “Motherfucking Motherfucker”

W – I called out “Wankface Wanker”

H- I called out “Hippopotamus”….. I was so cross – I couldn’t think of anything rude beginning with an H. IS there anything rude beginning with an H?


10 thoughts on “A is for Asshole

  1. H is for “heinous Ho”
    Bambi yer “ MF (er) “ fuck off and never show your face again or your legs for that matter!!!

    Love you Sarah, sending all the prayers, love and hugs your way 😘😘😘 x million
    That swearing sure does feel goooood!

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    1. Wow Mum…I’ll remember that u think swearing feels good next time I drop an F-bomb 😊

      Love you so much Sarah, sending you so much love ❤️Bambi doesn’t know what’s gonna hit her 🤞🏽❣️💫

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  2. Sarah, love the blog and your strength and humour, all of us are thinking of you all the time. We take care of family and you, Fyn and Mike became ours long ago. We are here for you now and always. Please let us help if we can.

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