I’m the star of my very own science fiction movie and I can make great Yorkshire puddings

According to the Urban Dictionary a jet setter is “a person who travels to numerous places around the world to places that other people always want to go but never do.”

Well that’s NOT me, even though some people say “Oh I’d love to have your jet-set lifestyle!” I travel back and forth to East Coast USA A LOT. Like I’m catching the No.9 bus. But I don’t do this because I’m living a jet-set lifestyle – I do this because my life mostly revolves around two people, my husband and my son – and inconveniently one lives in the US and the other lives in the UK. Subsequently I reside somewhere in the middle.

So two weeks after my ‘funny turn’ outside posh Peggy’s, I hopped on the No. 9 and headed to the US for a week with my beloved Reggie (Australian Labradoodle) and my husband .. just kidding M.

Arriving at my usual convenient time – bedtime; I went straight to bed. The next morning feeling a tad jet lagged we took Reggie to the beach for a run. Everything was normal … until a pair of obnoxious military helicopters buzzed by.

Then a curious thing happened – suddenly I was transported into my own science fiction movie, Interstellar comes to mind. I shifted back into that parallel universe and this time it was intense. Familiar faces appeared but I didn’t know where they were familiar from. A burning pain rose from my abdomen to my chest and then into my throat – and there was a dreadful smell so potent I could taste it too. Again this was familiar but I couldn’t identify it and no-one around me could smell it.

Within a few minutes I was back to reality and thinking “Wow that was weird.. am I going mad or am I Mystic Meg?!” I brushed it off as another unexplainable phenomenon and went home to make roast beef and some bloody fabulous Yorkshire puddings.. even though I say so myself.


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